Monday, November 24, 2008

Nothing Exciting

Nothing really exciting happened today. Travis was out of town all day working in Weslaco and won't be home until 10 or so. Elizabeth was a pretty good girl all day. Ate all 3 solid food meals and hardly any fussing. I hope you all know I'm jixing it for tomorrow just to tell you this! I laid her down for a nap this morning and went back to check on here and there she was, just sitting up in her crib all by herself! Travis had seen this once before about a month ago, but she hadn't done it since and neither one of us have actually seen her go from a horizontal position to sitting up. I wish she would do it in front of me! I'd like to see it. She's getting so close to crawling, too. It's almost time for the baby gate to go up!

I watered the broccoli today and checked on my poppies. Travis & I planted 6 rows of poppies and all we've got coming up is a bunch of henbit! Grrrr... So I think we'll replant and hope that it's not too late for them to make in the spring. Speaking of things not making it are my onions. Boo! I'm not having much luck lately, but the onions will also get replanted and we'll hope for the best out of roughly 50 plants only about 8 survived. I'm going to buy a new bunch tomorrow and get them in the ground as quick as I can. I just hope the feed store still has some Texas 1015's. Mmmm...sweet onions.

Tomorrow Elizabeth gets her flu shot, so we'll see how she does with that. I'm not getting one and Travis won't either, but I think i'd just die if she didn't get one and then got the flu! Oh, I'd be such a bad mommy! So she's getting one, and it'll hurt...but then maybe she'll take a nice looonnnggg nap!!

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