Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sippy Cups

Our house inspection went's in good shape for an older house. All good news!

Mom called today and wanted to come pick up Elizabeth to spend some time with her and dad. It turned out to be great timing because I actually need to go with Travis to Danbury tomorrow. So mom and dad drove down this afternoon and got to stop by our potential new house and got to take a little tour. They stayed for about an hour and then headed back with my little angel. I kinda miss her already!

Around 5 this afternoon, Travis, Stephen (Travis's brother), and I headed up to the greenhouse to fill pots and plant more Jatropha and Chinese Tallow trees. It took us 3 hours to plant roughly 750 plants...not too bad and relieved that it's done!!

Elizabeth's doctor said that she should be drinking out of a sippy cup all of the time now. (A bottle at bed time is ok, though.) I have been trying for over a week to get her to drink out of the stupid thing and two hours with mom and dad and she drank the whole thing! A week!!! And it took her two hours!! This is not fair!! Oh, well, at least she's drinking out of it. Hopefully, she'll keep it up! I have such a big girl!

We're Buying a House!

We're still in the option period and still have both the inspection and appraisal to go, but we have signed the contract for this house!

I'll have to post a better picture, but this is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house that sits on 2.5 acres. The inspection is this afternoon, which is a little scary, but I don't think we'll have anything to worry about. We've even already locked in our intrest rate! Wow, all of these big decisions! As you can see, the yard is in desparate need of some landscaping and removal of some shrubs, but that's ok...we like to do that!

For some other good news, Travis has finally finished his proposal and is getting it turned in this week!! Maybe he'll graduate after all!! :)

Ok, I'll keep you posted (hehe...posted, and this is a post...hehe, ok...maybe not funny to everyone) on the progress of the house!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Busy Beavers

We've been pretty busy the last week. A couple of days were spent in the greenhouse laying out Jatropha seed so it can dry and filling pots so that more Jatropha plants can be started for transplanting in a couple of months. Here, Travis is laying out seed from all of the individual trees. 288 trees have to be hand harvested for individual data.

This is what the fruit looks like. There are 3 seeds inside each one of these pods.

We made a trip to Danbury to check on the Chinese Tallow trees and to fix the fence the cattle had torn up, but nothing too major. Hogs are getting in and rooting around near the trees, but no serious damage...yet. I think Travis will put up a low wire on the electric fence to slow them down.

Thursday 22nd: These next pictures are from Weslaco. We picked 2 large sacks of grapefruit at the A&M Kingsville Citrus Center there and I think we'll try to make grapefruit wine with them. They are super sweet and taste really, really good. Elizabeth was more worried about wanting to crawl on the ground than she was about taking pictures. While we were there, Travis machine harvested some of his Jatropha trees and I hand-harvested a row of trees to compare data later.

Yesterday, we made a trip to College Station. Travis had to drop off a trailer and pick up a tractor and disk on a different trailer, and I had a meeting. It's been a long couple of days traveling, but it was all fun and definitely worth getting out of the house.
Today, we did some work out in the garden, chopping and watering mostly. It was too windy and cool to be out there long! Last week, we set up the drip irrigation to water the poppies so maybe now they'll grow!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wrong Appointment

Elizabeth had a doctor's appointment today...or so I thought. I showed up at the doctor's office bright and early for Elizabeth's 8:00 appointment. They weighed her (18lbs), measured her (27.5 inches), and asked all of the normal questions. "What is the reason for the visit?" asked the nurse.
"Her 9 month checkup. Oh, and she has had a runny nose and is really tugging on her left ear more than usual. I'd like to get that checked out, too."
"She has an appointment next week for her checkup. She has to be over 9 months exactly to have that checkup or else insurance won't pay for it." (Her birthday is on 4/19, so today was 5 days shy.)
"But she had an appointment today. Why would the nurse schedule her 9 month checkup if she knew Elizabeth had to be over 9 months old?"
"I don't know...did you tell her you were coming back for a 9 month?"
"No, I didn't think I had to, no one told me to. I've just started coming to this office, so how was I supposed to know that??"
"It's ok. I'll check to see what's going on. Do you still want to see the doctor today?"
" long as he has time." So she shows me to a room.
A few minutes later.........Knock, knock. "I just wanted to let you know that you do have an appointment next week, and I can't figure out why someone didn't call you and catch the mistake. The nurse up front didn't say anything because she figured she just missed putting your appointment in so she just entered you this morning."
"That's ok." I rummaged around in Elizabeth's appointment folder and found the appointment card. Holy crap! The appointment is for next week and I just made a huge stink about it! Dang, now I'll have to apologize...I'll throw in the fact that Travis is out of town again as an excuse in my apology. Maybe some watery eyes, too...she'll just feel sorry for me...I hope!
35 minutes later...Knock, knock. "The Doctor is running late. He got caught up at the hospital. He should be here a little after 9:00."
"Oh, ok. Umm, I found my appointment card and I made a mistake; it does say next week. I'm so sorry. I had it written down wrong and my husband is out of town and I must have gotten it all mixed up. I'm so sorry."
"It's ok. Things like this happen."
"I don't have to stay if he's running way behind."
"That's up to are already here."
"Yeah, I think I will stay...I'd hate for her to get worse in the next week."
"True...and with the weather getting colder, it might not make her feel any better."
"Ok, thanks."
Don't I feel like a moron.

So the doctor comes in a few minutes after 9 and checks her our. Sure enough she has an ear infection in both ears. Poor baby. That explains why she's not eating very well and why she cries every time we lay her down to change her diaper. He also gave her a decongestant for her cold. He said he's been seeing a lot of that lately."How old is Beth?" (He's the only person who calls her Beth!)
"Almost 9 months."
"Wow, and no ear infections or illnesses before this. You are lucky! Most babies I see with ear infections have already had 4 or 5 by the time they are 9 months old. This is good!" So he faxed her Rx to Walmart (who is just awful about filling perscriptions. I have to use someone else next time. He faxed it in around 9:15 and it was not ready until after 11:30. There were other people there who had been waiting much longer. One man had come back everyday for the last 3 days for his granddaughter's Rx and they still didn't have it ready. He was ticked.) Luckily, we had some visiting to do with Tammy and Suzanne at the Catholic Elementary School, so we spent about an hour there before running one more errand and then going to Walmart.

So after it's all said and done, I guess I was meant to be mistaken and go to the doctor today. I don't think I could have put up with another week of Elizabeth not feeling well. She has to take an antibiotic for 10 days, a decongestant 3 times a day, and Tylenol for fever and pain. Poor baby. But at least now we're on the road to recovery. See you next week, Doc!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Being Silly

Saturday, we were just hanging out inside, because it was cold outside, and Elizabeth was doing this:
She had the key ring in her mouth and was hitting the keys with her hand to make them make noise. She's such a goober!!

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Joanne!! The instructions were:

1. Go to your photo folders and open the 4th folder.
2. Choose the 4th photo.
3. Explain the photo.
4. Tag 4 other people!

Here it asked for it!!

This is a blurry up-close picture of a hybrid bermudagrass golf green at the Texas A&M Golf Course in College Station. It's just too bad my 4th picture wasn't something better!!

I'd tag 4 other people, but all of the bloggers I know have already been tagged!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Harry Potter

In anticipation for the sixth Harry Potter movie (The Half-Blood Prince) that comes out July 17, I have been re-reading the last two books. I finished Book 6 last night and have started on Book 7. Luckily, since Travis is out of town, there haven't been many dishes or much house work to do...I just get so absorbed in the book and want to finish that I procrastinate on some things!

Elizabeth has a bit of a cold...just a runny nose and occasionally a slight fever. (I've been giving her a little Tylenol at night to help with the fever.) Hopefully it won't turn into more than that. She has a doctor's appointment next week, so if she's still a little puny, I'll ask him about it. She cut her second front tooth on Monday and also pulled herself to a full standing position at my in-laws! Not long before she starts doing that all of the time.

Late this afternoon, I planted some lettuce seed in the garden. Hopefully it will come up! If it doesn't, I'll just re-plant. Tomorrow, I think I'll start some flats of tomato seed for transplanting. My father-in-law gave me some that he had that I didn't have ordered. I ordered tons of seed last week, so I'm waiting for that to come in. Then I'll have plenty of transplants to start! I'll also have to go to a local place here in town for some seed I didn't order (green beans, cucumber, cantelope, etc.) The stuff I ordered was seed I knew I couldn't find readily in town (or they'd be harder to find)...special tomatoes, peppers, some types of squash, and ooo, some herbs...I'm excited about those! I need to start working on my plan for where things will go in the garden...that may be a chore! I hope the annex (expanded part of the garden) will be good for at least a couple of timings of sweet corn and some of my vining plants. Travis found some good composted cotton burrs at the gin in Vanderbilt (about 40 minutes away) so we've now gotten 3 loads from there to put in the annex to help with organic matter and soil structure. It was just bermuda grass for the boys' show steers and heifers, so it needed a little help!

Ok, I think Elizabeth is sound asleep now, so it's off to shower and then back to my book! Hmmm, I just realized this post is more about the garden than Harry Potter! Oh, well!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Cotton Anniversary

Today is our 2 year anniversary. Travis had to leave town today so we went out last night. Travis's parents kept Elizabeth for us while we went to a resturant, Greek Brothers. We were going to go bowling, but the nice bowling alley had league night and we didn't want to go to the shady one! So we drove around downtown looking for somewhere to get dessert. Everywhere downtown was closed, so we went back to the same shopping center as the resturant to Marble Slab. It was freezing cold outside, so of course, Travis wanted ice cream!! I just had a plain coffee...which I promptly burnt my tounge on! Then we sat in the parking lot and just talked for awhile before heading home. We took the long way back and still got there around 9:30. Elizabeth was sound asleep when we went to pick her up, so we talked with Travis's parents for a little while before we went home. It was a great anniversary night and it was definitely nice to go out by ourselves!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years & Rosettes

We hung out at my in-laws for New Years Eve (evening) and New Years Day. Elizabeth is doing some quality control on Daddy's new sockets! I think they passed the one-tooth-test!
New Years Eve, we decided to make Rosettes, a Czech pastry. The batter is similar to funnel cake, but much thinner. You dip your irons into hot oil.

Then dip them into the batter.

Then deep-fry.
Fry to a golden color. They just fell off of the irons for us.

After they cool, you dip them into a egg-white/powdered sugar icing. Then let them dry out in a low oven. They are light and crisp and oh, so good! A lot of people dip the iced rosettes into colored, finely ground coconut, but we decided not to and they were just as good!

Friday, January 2, 2009


December 20, we drove up to Pearland to have Christmas with Travis's mom's family.

On Christmas Eve, we opened presents at Travis's parents house. Elizabeth is definitely the center of attention!
"Look, this is my box, Uncle James!" Elizabeth had more fun with wrapping paper and the boxes than she did with her presents!
Our pretty girl on Christmas Day at church.

Getting ready to open presents at home on Christmas morning! Her shirt says "All Mommy wants for Christmas is a silent night" true!

The day after Christmas, we went to Austin to pick up Kate and Nick, her boyfriend. Then, we headed to my mom and dad's for Christmas there. Elizabeth got a neat toy.

Climbing up Uncle Matt.

Daddy put Elizabeth in the trash bag with all of the wrapping paper to help stomp it down!

Everyone at Grandma & Grandpa Schigut's house.

Aunt Jana is walking with Elizabeth. I don't know if you can see it here, but you can see her lone tooth!

Visiting at Ann & Charles's house. We liked being with everyone again...even if it was only for a day or so!

Elizabeth and Aunt Kate at Granny Judy & Papa Ken's house. Woo woo, pretty girls!

Elizabeth's first taste of deer jerky.

Matt shot a deer, so it had to be "dealt with" before we could eat.

We had some great Christmases! But I'm not ready to start counting down to next Christmas just yet!!