Friday, October 15, 2010

Egg Salad with Bacon & Basil

One of our favorite light lunches is egg salad with bacon and basil. Yummy! I saw this recipe last summer in Better Homes & Gardens magazine and decided to try it out.

IMG_7057 copy

You’ll need eggs, bacon, basil, bread (any will do, I had Kaiser rolls on hand, but we’ve used regular ole sandwich bread, too), and your favorite fixings for egg salad. I use salt, pepper, dill relish, mayo or miracle whip, and mustard.

You can adjust the amounts of everything to make as much salad as you’d like.


Hard boil the eggs. I’m good at the boiling, the peeling…not so much! Luckily they’re not being deviled!

IMG_7059 copy

Fry up some bacon! Fry it however you like, but I cut mine into about 1” pieces. I’m not very good at frying an entire slice of bacon at once, so this works for me. I have perfect bacon nearly every time.

IMG_7061 copy

Mmm…smells good!

IMG_7062 copy

When the bacon has cooked, take it out and let it drain on a paper towel.

IMG_7067 copy

Peel the eggs and chop them up. I like to use a fork for this and it works really well.

IMG_7071 copy

Add whatever you like to make your egg salad yummy.

IMG_7075 copy

Slice your rolls and toast them. (We tried one roll not toasted, but it “squishes” too much and all of the salad falls out. You really need the bread hold up.

IMG_7077 copy

After your rolls have toasted, load them up with egg salad.

IMG_7080 copy

And a healthy portion of bacon.

IMG_7083 copy

Last, add some fresh basil. I like the basil to completely cover my egg salad and bacon.

IMG_7084 copy

Travis likes to go light on the basil.

IMG_7087 copy

Serve it up! This is great with some salty chips!

Every time we eat this sandwich, we both say how good it is and that it just “hits the spot”. A nice light lunch for when you don’t want to be too miserable after you eat!


Karen said...

I've never had just egg salad. I always make tuna salad or chicken salad but adding the bacon sounds yummy! I might try just adding the bacon (& basil if I ever have any fresh) to chicken salad too.

soccermom10 said...

I was just reading this and thinking the same thing! Why haven't I ever thought to add bacon? Sounds yummo!

Joanne said...

Are we going to see a recipe every few days that calls for basil until the first cold snap? J/K! I make my chicken salad just like this, but with no eggs (I try and try, but still just don't like them)! I actually had it for lunch today, and probably the leftovers tomorrow or Wednesday. This I'll fry up some bacon and see how it is (can't imagine that it wouldn't be yummy)!

Sara said...

Haha, these are really the only two recipes I have made that call for fresh basil. Bacon is good on everything, so I'm sure it would be delicious on chicken salad, too!