Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Cotton Anniversary

Today is our 2 year anniversary. Travis had to leave town today so we went out last night. Travis's parents kept Elizabeth for us while we went to a resturant, Greek Brothers. We were going to go bowling, but the nice bowling alley had league night and we didn't want to go to the shady one! So we drove around downtown looking for somewhere to get dessert. Everywhere downtown was closed, so we went back to the same shopping center as the resturant to Marble Slab. It was freezing cold outside, so of course, Travis wanted ice cream!! I just had a plain coffee...which I promptly burnt my tounge on! Then we sat in the parking lot and just talked for awhile before heading home. We took the long way back and still got there around 9:30. Elizabeth was sound asleep when we went to pick her up, so we talked with Travis's parents for a little while before we went home. It was a great anniversary night and it was definitely nice to go out by ourselves!


Joanne said...

Happy anniversary, sweetie! I'm glad that you got a nice night out!

Jana Jahns said...

Happy Anniversary! I definitely thought of you and Travis on the 6th, but never manage to mail a card! And I can't believe you've been married two years - time flies so quickly! I'm glad you had a nice evening out, and a beautiful, sleeping Elizabeth to return home to! Love, Jana