Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Harry Potter

In anticipation for the sixth Harry Potter movie (The Half-Blood Prince) that comes out July 17, I have been re-reading the last two books. I finished Book 6 last night and have started on Book 7. Luckily, since Travis is out of town, there haven't been many dishes or much house work to do...I just get so absorbed in the book and want to finish that I procrastinate on some things!

Elizabeth has a bit of a cold...just a runny nose and occasionally a slight fever. (I've been giving her a little Tylenol at night to help with the fever.) Hopefully it won't turn into more than that. She has a doctor's appointment next week, so if she's still a little puny, I'll ask him about it. She cut her second front tooth on Monday and also pulled herself to a full standing position at my in-laws! Not long before she starts doing that all of the time.

Late this afternoon, I planted some lettuce seed in the garden. Hopefully it will come up! If it doesn't, I'll just re-plant. Tomorrow, I think I'll start some flats of tomato seed for transplanting. My father-in-law gave me some that he had that I didn't have ordered. I ordered tons of seed last week, so I'm waiting for that to come in. Then I'll have plenty of transplants to start! I'll also have to go to a local place here in town for some seed I didn't order (green beans, cucumber, cantelope, etc.) The stuff I ordered was seed I knew I couldn't find readily in town (or they'd be harder to find)...special tomatoes, peppers, some types of squash, and ooo, some herbs...I'm excited about those! I need to start working on my plan for where things will go in the garden...that may be a chore! I hope the annex (expanded part of the garden) will be good for at least a couple of timings of sweet corn and some of my vining plants. Travis found some good composted cotton burrs at the gin in Vanderbilt (about 40 minutes away) so we've now gotten 3 loads from there to put in the annex to help with organic matter and soil structure. It was just bermuda grass for the boys' show steers and heifers, so it needed a little help!

Ok, I think Elizabeth is sound asleep now, so it's off to shower and then back to my book! Hmmm, I just realized this post is more about the garden than Harry Potter! Oh, well!!

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Joanne said...

I do the same thing with the HP books. Right before a new book came out, or before a movie, I'd re-read the whole series. That's what's good about your favorite books. You can re-read them a million times and still like them (although by this point, I think I'll skip the first one...the movie is on all the time and I've read it probably 15 times).