Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blooming Branches

Last week, some of our early bloomers around The Estate gave us a little show.

Our volunteer paperwhites are not only pretty, but they smell so good, too!

We have no idea what this blooming plant is, but it is beautiful! It's still giving us a bit of a show.

I'm not always a big fan of bees, but pollinate, baby, pollinate!

Even our peach tree is blooming! As long as we don't get a freeze, we should have peaches again this year!

The best part about all of these blooming branches is that you can snip a few limbs off and bring them inside. I chose branches with open flowers and closed buds. When you bring them inside, and put them in water, you "force" the buds to open and bloom. So, for about a week, I had tightly closed buds opening into beautiful little flowers.

I like the surprises the outdoors brings! Especially when I can bring some of those great outdoors in to brighten up the house.


Joanne said...

So pretty! I like the last arrangement a lot - they look kind of like cherry blossoms. Is that from the peach tree?

Sara said...


No, it's from that plant in the middle of the post. I'm not sure what the name of it is...I need to send the pictures off to get identified!