Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yeah, Yeah...

I have a massive post about Cream Puff making coming up, but it's getting really late and I need some sleep.

I have a few new irons in the fire for the time being, so while I am working on some posts, I'm also just plain working!

I have a new project for work that has been taking up all of my prime working hours (Elizabeth's nap-time). I've also been asked to do a short talk to the Farmers Market Association on my Tomato Demonstration (YAY!!) this Friday. I've been working on my presentation non-stop and since Travis is out of town, he helps me work out some of the kinks from his laptop in the hotel. I haven't spoken in front of a group of people since my Master's program, so I'm a little nervous. Yes, I know that it wasn't that long ago, but it has still been two years since I've graduated, so I'm a little rusty on public speaking and picturing people in their underwear.

Just kidding on the underwear part.

During Friday's meeting, I'll also be voted in as the next President of the Farmers Market Association. (Double Yay!) I am very excited and a little surprised that I've been asked. You probably think that they're just getting desperate.

Ha, you'd probably be right!

Oh, and demolition on the front bathroom has started and is going much better than we could have ever far. I probably just jinxed it! The tile and tub are out of the house and I believe that the next item on the list is buying a new tub.

So, like I said, a few irons in the fire. Not to mention that I nearly forgot that my birthday is only five days away! But, luckily, Papa and Granny reminded me. Sadness...I'm in uncharted territory of "the late twenties". I think I feel artritis setting in. Or, maybe it's just that both my brother and brother-in-law both have girlfriends still in their teens and that just makes me feel elderly*.

Either way, I still feel young at heart!

*The preceding spiel was because I'm a little bit of a drama queen and I need to feel special. You know, like the world revolves around me for a day because it's about to be my birthday special.

Just thought I should throw that in.

Have a great Thursday!

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