Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Big 2!

Sunday, we had a small get together for Elizabeth's 2nd birthday. She didn't mind being the center of attention!

She did this little trick all on her own! Hmm...up on the wagon, I can see better!

I made her a caterpillar cake made out of big and mini cupcakes.

Elizabeth saying thanks to birthday wishes over the phone!

Blowing out the candles.

A rare family photo!

Opening gifts! I was surprised at how quickly she tired of opening gifts. I guess she just wanted to play!

Eating cupcakes like a big girl!

Playing outside with Great Aunt Barbara and Grandpa John. Barbara gave Elizabeth sidewalk chalk for her birthday. She loves it!

She also loved being traced!

Gotta close those eyes!

Again, again! We have five little bodies traced on our driveway. She would lay down on the ground, get traced, get up, move over, and lay back down! Too silly!

We had a very fun day with our little group of people! Elizabeth had a great time and was a super good girl, even with no nap! Thanks to all who came and made it a wonderful day!


kajahns said...

yay!! what a fun day!! I wish I were there to party with y'all!

soccermom10 said...

Nooooo she can't be 2 already!!!! Love you Elizabeth..hope you had a great party.

ChrissyK said...

Julie had a fun time at the party. Thanks for including her. She is quite jealous of the "mud pie" kitchen!

Sara said...

I'm so glad she came and had a good time! She'll have to come "cook" with Elizabeth. Maybe Uncle Stephen can get some pointers. ;)

kajahns said...

Nick said your driveway looks like a crime scene!!! HAHA!

Joanne said...

What a little dolly! I can't believe she's 2, either! The time is just flying by! We miss y'all!

Stephen said...

who said i need pointers??

and thats a mighty good-lookin truck in the background!