Thursday, August 26, 2010

What She’s Been Up To

Elizabeth has been a very busy girl the last couple of weeks! Here’s what she’s been up to:


House building with the couch cushions…


Which we have now put a stop to! I started thinking about how all of this wear and tear will make our couches age a little too fast!

Who likes mushy cushions? Not me!


Travis’ grandpa had a little stint in the hospital here, so Elizabeth & I spent a lot of time up there the last couple of weeks. All of grandpa’s nurses and therapists were really nice, but the really, really nice one was the one who brought Elizabeth some I-C-E C-R-E-A-M! (That’s how she spelled it out to me, just in case I would say no!)


We’ve also been finishing up some flower beds, so Elizabeth was watching the water…and playing in the mud…


Travis built Elizabeth her own play set with things he found in his shop (slide included!)…


So far, all it has cost us is one box of screws and one splinter! Elizabeth was thrilled when we got back this weekend and she got to play on her “surprise”!


And reading. Lots and lots of reading! We’ve gotten into the (good) habit of spending some time with Elizabeth, both of us, uninterrupted. We say our bedtime prayers, play with stuffed animals, and read a bedtime story. Either Travis and I will read her story and then she takes the book and “reads” it back to us. It’s really super cute and her speaking has come a long way from just a few short months ago!

So that’s what our big girl has been up to!


kajahns said...

I LOVE the new play set!! I need pis of E on the slide!! She is getting sooo big, I can't wait to see her! Thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

I do need to take some pictures of her actually playing on it. Travis said that she was going down the slide and all he saw were toes (he was standing in the yard behind the play set). Apparently, she had gone down the slide head first, on her back! She's such a little dare devil!

We all can't wait to see you either! Christmas can't come fast enough!

Cecilia said...

Hi Sara - I got your comment on my blog and was so glad to see your blog too! Elizabeth is adorable - I love her wispy hair. Love your blog too. It looks like you have some great recipes on here. I'm glad we can keep up like this. Thanks again!