Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

The first day of Pre-K3 has finally arrived! Elizabeth did great and didn’t cry when I was there or when I left. She may have cried after…but she was much more interested in playing with puzzles!


(Oops, please excuse the mess in the kitchen!)


With her backpack on!


Putting her backpack away in her locker. She’s got a top locker, but can still reach it easily. She didn’t want help putting it in there, either! She wanted to do it all!!

I pick her up at 11:50, so I’m anxious to hear how her first day went!


Karen said...

OMG - She looks like such a big girl with her backpack and locker! Too cute. You didn't say how you did today......

Joanne said...

Sweet girl! She does look like such a big girl - make that stop!!!