Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Projects & Progress

Since it’s been so darn hot outside, we’ve been trying to get some things finished up in the house.

Taking out more linoleum in the kitchen…

My little pirate! She loves that sword from Zachary’s party so much! We’ve all had our turn at being the pirate and chasing the others around the house with it.

I also took out the carpet in the “formal” living room. Before…

And after. Elizabeth loves having a big empty room to run around in. She’s also taken this opportunity to get out her train set and put it all together. It works much better on the hard floor. We had it set up on the carpet before and things didn’t always want to fit very well.

She also took the opportunity to just run. And run and run and run…in circles. Lots of them. I can’t believe she didn’t fall down in dizziness. She really loves this open room!

The people we bought the house from had a wood burning stove in the living room. We have long since taken that out, but the pipes were still hooked up in the attic. We were able to take those pipes out and close the hole in the ceiling.

Travis also finished taking out all of the electrical out of the wall that divides our two living spaces. We are now ready to call the guy to come out and remove the wall, set the posts, and install the beams in the attic!

The bad thing is that it’s so, so hot! My dear husband has come down from the attic soaked from head to toe. You can really only work in there until about 11 a.m. After that, it’s best just to wait until the evening, it’s so miserable up there!

I have made some progress in the kitchen. This area is the last of the linoleum and I’ll be so happy when it’s gone. My arms will be happy, too. My sore arms are also the reason why I’ve been “pacing” myself on this last small area. I figure if I do a small area every few days, I’ll knock this out without killing myself in the process.

Besides, there are appliances to move and I’m not looking forward to doing that. I’m not ready to see what lives behind my stove. Yuck.

The lot next to ours has finally sold, so Travis had no way to get trailers in and out of our driveway. (It was much too small and narrow.)

Last week, Travis bought more pipe to add on to our existing driveway and Monday, the county came out and put them in. Yay! This really is so much better than what it was. We still have to get more gravel to widen our drive, but this already looks good!

Elizabeth & I were able to buy her some new clothes and shoes for school today, so she’s all set! Hmm, just thought about it, but she can only wear “street” clothes for a couple of years before she has to wear a uniform to school. I’m looking forward to that! Sure will make school clothes shopping easier!

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Karen said...

Looking good! I bet you can't wait to get the wall knocked out & the floor done. That will be a huge project done!!