Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Parties & Christmas Trees

Elizabeth & I finally bought our Christmas tree, which turned into trees, today! Yay! Except now I have to put on lights...booo!! This evening we went to the Czech Heritage Society Appreciation Supper. Elizabeth was good the whole time! Other than getting a lot of laundry and dishes finished, that was about all we did. There's a good chance it will frost tonight, so I'm hoping all of the plants in the garden can hang in there! I guess we'll see tomorrow what survived.Elizabeth & I at the supper.
Our live Christmas tree.
I had to get a little "Charlie Brown" tree for Elizabeth! And it'll spruce up the front door. (Get it...spruce...spruce tree... Hehe!! I crack myself up! But it's not really a spruce, it's a Fraser)
Our artificial tree in the living room. I liked the halo the lights made behind the tree.
I hope your decorating is going as well as mine is!!


jahnsfarm said...

You did a great job picking out the trees......and I really like the little one. You're right....the lights do make a nice halo effect. I bet Elizabeth spends a lot of time looking at the tree and its lights.
Hey...I like your hair....looks like you have it curled....very cute.

Love you....Mom

Joanne said...

Decorating? What decorating? Oh, you mean that festive time of year when we haul box upon box up from the basement, Kevin and I snap and cuss at each other for not doing things the "right" way (i.e. MY WAY) and then things look worse than when we started, until we stop, Kevin leaves the room and I finish by myself? Oh! Ho Ho Ho!

Just's really not that bad. I think that buying a pre-lit tree might have saved our marriage, though! ;-)

Oh - and I like your hair, too!

Sara said...

My hair is naturally that curly. I just put a little gel in it to help it stay. :)

Joanne, this is why I decorated when Travis was far, far out of town!! I even drug the tree in by myself! Without all the bickering about decorations, we'll have a Merry Christmas!! Hehe!

soccermom10 said...

Love the trees! I know Elizabeth is going to have a very Merry Christmas!