Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Playing Outside

This afternoon when I was picking the garden, Elizabeth was getting some sun. I put her on the blanket today instead of in her chair for a change of scenery. After picking the garden, we stayed at my in-laws for some yummy taco salad! There are lots of pictures here! She is just too cute not to keep snaping pictures. There were too many to post, so I'll have to send the rest out in a Kodak Gallery later!
We've been teaching Elizabeth how to pet the dog and cat nicely instead of just grabbing their fur! Elizabeth is being very nice to Boo Radley (Stephen's cat).

She gets so excited when Jenny (the dog) and Boo are around, she just squeals with delight!

Jenny comes over for a sniff, but she's not too confident in Elizabeth's petting ability, so she doesn't come very close!

Baby and Kitty butts!
Eating on a Biter Biscut stripped down to her diaper. I did not want to be cleaning biscut out of all of her pretty clothes! "Mommy, did you want a bite, too?"
After a bath, Elizabeth was hanging out with Grandpa who let her try standing up without support. She's pretty wobbly, but she didn't fall and Grandpa was there as a safety net! Golly, she looks like a big girl standing like that! I'm going to look rediculous carrying around an 8 month old who is already half my size!! :)
Today I also finished decorating our fake Christmas tree that is going in the living room. I only shattered one ornament, a good year so far! We're going out to buy a live tree for in the dining room. Whew, one tree down, one to go! Travis is out of town until Friday, so I may be tree shopping on my own. I'll post tree pictures later!


jahnsfarm said...

I can't believe how much she's changed since we've seen her. The pics are so cute.....especially the ones in the garden. We can't wait to see y'all again!

soccermom10 said...

Elizabeth is getting so big! When are you guys going to be down here again?

Karen said...

Elizabeth is always so smiley! It seems like she's a very happy baby.

Joanne said...

That first picture is my favorite! Karen's right - she does always look so happy! So cute!!! I can't wait to see y'all!

Sara said...

Lisa-we'll be home the weekend of the 13th for a reunion on Sunday and then there for Christmas starting the 26th for a few days.

Karen & Joanne-she's a fairly happy baby. She gets a little anxious around lots of new people, so hopefully she'll be good over the holidays!

We're excited about getting to see all of you soon!