Friday, February 6, 2009

Fermenting Wine

This afternoon Elizabeth & I attended the annual Farmers Market meeting at the Extension office here in Victoria. It was a pretty good meeting and we got to meet the new Horticulture Extension Agent from College Station. There was one speaker who was exceptional...I just can't think of his name right now. I'm pretty sure he's the County Agent in Victoria County, though...I'm sure it will come to me... ;) Hehe. Just kidding! My Father-in-law did a wonderful job today. He even helped take care of Elizabeth when she was getting fussy. One lady who didn't know that he was Grandpa was telling me how she thought he was quite an agent if he was helping out with baby duty!! That's when I told her who we were. She still thought he was a pretty good guy anyway!
Ok, so I was going to put a video on here showing how the Orange Wine was fermenting. You can see all of the little air bubbles rise to the top and burst on the surface. This means that the yeast is working to break down all of the sugars in the oranges and raisins. It is really neat. Here's a picture of Travis sealing the must off. You have to put the plastic wrap right on top of the must so no air can get in. The only time we open it for the next week or so is to stir it.

Elizabeth was a complete mess the other night, so we had to strip her down to her diaper and put her robe on her until bath time. I don't think she minded! She was pretty darn cute!

Here's our big girl drinking out of her sippy cup all by herself. *Sniff, sniff!* I can hardly believe that just over a week ago she didn't want anything to do with it. Now she crawls to it when I set it on the floor and takes a swig! I still help her out when she's sitting up, though, because she hasn't quite figured out to tilt her head back!

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jahnsfarm said...

I'm missing all of you already! The wine process is pretty neat. Thanks for sharing it with us. We love you...