Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Roaches & Roses

Blick! This morning, I was getting ready in my bathroom and Elizabeth was playing on the floor. I see her race (crawling) across the floor, so I turn to look and she is playing with...a...roach!!! GROSS! After supressing the urge to vomit, I scoop her up, set her in the sink-pj's and all-and scrub her hands clean. She thought it was really fun. All I was thinking is "Gross, so gross. I can't believe she was chasing a roach across the floor. Gross, gross, gross." To think of it another way, Elizabeth was winning. The roach just wasn't fast enough to get away. But, still gross! So after scrubbing her hands clean, I take her and run to the kitchen, set her down on the floor to play with her toys, grab an empty formula can, run back to the bathroom, and trap the roach with the formula can. Travis can deal with it when he gets home. He's now been home for 5 hours and the can is still on the floor, trapping the roach! I wonder how long it will actually stay there...

This afternoon, I stuck rose cuttings into buckets for rooting. 42 of them. Of course, I forgot the rooting hormone, so either I'll have to take them all out and put hormone on them or I'll just hope that they take. They had lots of thorns, so I'm on the fence about what to do. I got pricked a few times and that's never fun. My father-in-law pruned their rose bushes Sunday and gave me all of the cuttings so we can have roses when we move.

This is what the cuttings look like. They have to be covered about half way up with soil for the best chance that somewhere along the cutting, they'll take root. It will be a little while before I know for sure how many are going to make it. From the buckets, I'll take and pot them into individual pots, but for now to save space, they're in 5 gallon buckets.

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