Friday, February 13, 2009

Grapevine Pruning

Wednesday, Elizabeth & I attended a grapevine pruning workshop at a local vinyard. My father-in-law helps to put a couple on every year for the local growers. Fritz, the Extension Viticulturist, was there to demonstrate proper pruning techniques how to root cuttings for propagation. The program ran a little long, but as you can see, he's pretty easy on the eyes, so it didn't really matter!! :) Don't worry, Travis, you are way hotter!!

It was pretty warm that day, so Elizabeth & I slathered on the sunscreen and enjoyed the day. Grandpa helped me watch her during the demonstrations. Everyone thought she was just the best little girl. Luckily, she was on her best behavior. It's also kinda nice that the same people show up to a lot of the programs that my father-in-law puts on. It helps Elizabeth to get to know them and she's not seeing all total strangers every time we go out. Besides, I think Grandpa likes showing her off!

I took her stroller out with me and she really liked that. She loves being outside anyway, but getting a ride was the icing on the cake! I made sure her little head was covered and she looked super cute in her hat!

To me, she just looks so different with a hat on! Just too cute...well besides the drool running down her chin!

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jahnsfarm said...

I'm so excited that you attended a grapevine pruning class. Now you can help me prune my vines.....and that Miss Elizabeth is so adorable. We miss all of you!