Monday, May 17, 2010

They Let Me be on TV

And I'm sure that they have learned their lesson! I was so nervous the day of the taping. Completely and utterly nervous.

Travis and I taped the segment on good ole VHS, so it may never see this blog, but my father in law was nice enough to send me his photos of the TV with me on. You really wouldn't want to see it anyway. Turns out, when I'm really, really nervous, I have an "um" complex. I'm pretty sure I said "um" about 15,000 times in five minutes. Yes, it was that bad.

The television set broke shortly after.

I'll probably have to buy them a new one.

(Kidding! As far as I know the set still works...)

See...Me, Nervous!

With, apparently, too much makeup on for those awful bright lights. I really didn't put much on, but that camera must accentuate your colors, because where I am darker, I'm dark; where the sun rarely sees (my chest), I could reflect sunlight.

Travis thought I should add the picture with my title. I blacked out my last name so you can't find me. Mooaha-ha-ha!

Wait, what?

You all know who I am anyway?

Oh, let's keep going then.

This is probably the part where I said that last year during the drought, even though we irrigated our gardens, that we just needed some rain. I was thinking rain. Instead I said God's Water. Yes, instead of RAIN, which I was thinking, God's Water came out of my mouth.

HE must have gotten a kick out of it, because we just received over 5" of God's Water this weekend.

And's where I was talking about the WIC program. People qualifying for WIC also receive vouchers that are valid only at Farmers Markets. There are certain things that they cannot buy with the vouchers, such as anything processed - baked goods, honey, etc.

Then I said, "They can bring their own money to buy other products sold at the Market." Or something very close. Yes, please stop using the money we hand to you through government programs and bring your own darn money.

Could. Not. Believe.

I actually said that? May I eat my words, now? Pretty please?

Good gracious, I'm sure anyone associated with WIC just loves me right now.

Yup, right in the middle of answering a question, I lost my train of though and had to mouth to her that I had no clue where I was going with that. Luckily, they cut part of that out of the final show.

Man, I am smooth. Give me a contract, pronto!

I'm pretty sure this was the longest five minutes of my life.

Thank goodness it is over!

If you-know-where freezes over and they ever ask me back, maybe I'll try to be a little less nervous. It can't go much worse!

Maybe I'll even leave out a few "um's"!


Joanne said...

Awesome! I love the "God's water" part! You HAVE to bring a copy to your mom so that I can see it sometime!

soccermom10 said...

We had so much of "God's water" this past weekend in San Antonio that they had to move our tournament to a different location! Well we will have to trust that you were look great! :)