Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas: A Little Late

Happy New Year! December was a very busy month for us both with work and with Christmas. I’m sorry for not posting more often, but I’m working on changing that!

Travis & I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary yesterday. Four years! My very nice mother-in-law entertained Elizabeth for the late afternoon/evening so we could go out to eat. We tried out a relatively new Mexican restaurant in town; we were not disappointed!

One last note before I get on to all of the pictures. I have changed the comment settings. Now you can comment on a post even if you do not have a Google ID. I encourage you to comment; I love getting the feedback and it is always easier to keep blogging when I know people are reading! If you decide to post using “anonymous”, please consider signing it with your first name so I know who you are!

Ok, now on to the pictures!


Elizabeth in her new Winnie the Pooh pajamas. This little tree was our only tree this year. There’s just not much room for a big tree with all of the remodeling going on.


The ornaments on the tree are part of her new Advent calendar. Each day has a little book about Jesus’ birth. It is also an ornament, so every night, before bed, we would read a book and she would hang the ornament on the tree.



Elizabeth & Aunt Margaret


Elizabeth received a new baby and stroller from Aunt Barbara! I made Baby a little pallet out of blankets on the floor in Elizabeth’s bedroom. Now every time Elizabeth goes to take a nap or at nighttime, Baby has to be in her “bed”, too! Very cute!


These are a few pictures from Christmas at our house after church Christmas morning.


Elizabeth received her traditional “3rd Christmas” ornament (from Hallmark).




Opening what Santa brought.


A new train set! She loves it! And loves changing the track layout…often.


Playing dominoes with Uncle Stephen.


Grandma & Grandpa gave Elizabeth accessories for their play set, so now she can swing and glide when she visits! Very fun!




This picture isn’t really part of Christmas, but she put her boots on (the wrong feet) with her jammies and thought she was hot stuff!


Christmas at Nana & Grandpa’s. Uncle Matt & Cheyenne gave Elizabeth a sleeping bag! She thinks it’s pretty cool!


Cheyenne & Matt…holding up “the kill”!


Travis, happy with his new crescent wrenches.


While we were “up north”, Dad needed to move cattle, so we gladly helped out. It was a little chilly, so Elizabeth had to bundle up!



Momma & Elizabeth ready to “rock ‘n roll”! That’s one of her favorite new sayings. She runs around saying “Elibeth ready rock ‘n roll!”



Two cuties!


Uncle Matt saying goodbye before we head back South!

Sadly, Kate (oh, and Nick!) didn’t make it home for Christmas in December this year. A huge blizzard dumped over 30 inches of snow where she lives and her airline cancelled her flight. They have rescheduled their trip for later this month…just in time for Daddy’s birthday! So, I’ll have more “Christmas” pictures to come.

We miss you Kate, hurry home! And I hope this satisfies your temper tantrum!


Karen said...

Yes, keep posting! I love all the pictures. The one of Elizabeth playing dominos reminds me a little bit of a young Megan.

Michelle Meadows said...

YAY!!! I can leave comments. I love reading your blog. it keeps me up with you guys and how big Elizabeth is getting.
Oh and Happy late Anniversary.