Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Garden Fly at Farmers Market

The Garden Fly has been to Market a few times this year. These pictures were taken last Saturday, but we were also at Market today.


Travis, manning the table while I take a few shots.


Last Saturday, Market had 10 vendors! We had a great turnout and a gorgeous day!


I drive by Market some days when I’m not selling and it really is a sight-all of the canopies in the parking lot!


We had a pretty decent day at Market today. It was a little cool, overcast, and sprinkled on and off throughout the morning. The traffic could have been better, but given the weather, it was okay.

This was Day 2 of having packaged herbs. People are impressed that I have fresh herbs, which is good! Now, if only people would buy them! I did sell a few packages and I think as people get used to me having them, they’ll start to buy.

I’m also thinking I need to get some recipe cards to go with the herbs so people have something they can try. That may really get people interested and excited.

Anyone have some good (fairly easy) recipes that use fresh herbs? I’m happy to try them out for Market!

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Karen said...

Ina had a whole show one day about using fresh herbs from her garden. I can't remember what all she made other than chive risotto cakes but I bet you can google some things and tweek them if you need too. If I lived closer I'd buy all sorts of things from you!!