Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yes, I am well aware that I’ve been slacking off. Hey! It’s hot and I've been busy!

We only have bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, and okra left in the garden. Everything else has withered in the heat. I still receive a few orders for these things, so that’s good.


Before the tomatoes decided they’d had enough, we did a taste test of a few of the varieties we had planted. Next year we’ll have a little better idea of what to plant for taste.


At the end of June, Elizabeth took swimming lessons!


She hated them for the most part and cried every day. (The class was 10 days long.)


Toward the end of the second week, she’d only pout and cry for about half of the class…then she was happy. She may not have liked it very well, but she does know how to swim!


In July, we took a trip to the Waco Zoo with my cousin, Karen, and her boys, Alex and Zach.


The zoo had a couple of different play grounds. It was pretty hot, but the zoo had nice shade for the most part and we weren’t miserable.




We also made a trip to the beach on Matagorda Island! This was Elizabeth’s first time to the Gulf. She saw the Atlantic as a 5 month-old, so this was her first “real” time!


She was a little scared to get in the water or play in the sand, but as soon as we got in the water, she did, too! We had a fun afternoon with Uncle James and Melanie.

Den & Kitchen_Resized

I’ve also started a new project in the house…tearing out old carpet! This was before…right when we bought the house.


And this is after I got it all cleaned up. Under the carpet was the original tile. That all had to be scraped up, the adhesive had to be soaked in wet towels to soften and then that had to be scraped up. Then I scrubbed the floor with a brush to get as much of the old adhesive off as I could.

Not a fun job! Now I’m working in the kitchen peeling the linoleum up. The original tile was in there, too…same stinkin’ process as above!

The only upside to all of this scrubbing is that my arms are nice and toned! Hehe.


Well, I say the only upside. There were two…Elizabeth wanted to mop the floor for me! She moped as long as I was taking pictures…once I stopped, she said, “Take pictures, Momma!”

When I wouldn’t take anymore she then told me, “Ok, you do it!” and handed me the mop! What a DIVA!

Throw in a couple of family reunions, work, a few days Elizabeth spent with Nana and Grandpa, and a whole bunch of watering the grass and that about sums up our last couple of months!

Keeping my fingers crossed that TS Don bring us some rain!


Michelle M. said...

YAY!!! new pictures!!! how was Matagorda? We are planning on gonig to Galveston sometime in August.

Cara membuat pupuk kandang fermentasi said...

wah! that looks so much fun. thanks for sharing, sweety