Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Think She's Getting an Attitude Problem

I'll address the attitude in a minute, but first, a couple of cute pictures.

Do you think she's ready for some flip flops? She's finally figured out where the toes go!

"Hang on, Momma, I'm making an important call. Hi, Aunt Kate! It's Elizabeth; we can't wait to see you for the Picnic!"

A sippy cup in a fish bowl vase. Hmm, I did not teach her this!!

Now, I know these are all the same, but watch her face. She's really learning how to control the parts of her face and I think the attitude is growing with it. Anyone have any experience with toddlers with attitudes?

One more swig out of the fish bowl sippy cup.

The whole contraption was a little bulky anyway! Ahh, that was good!

As far as her attitude goes, I'm trying to keep it in check. It's easy to give her her way when she's being a stinker, but that's not happening on my watch!


soccermom10 said...

Elizabeth is just too stinkin' cute!

Karen said...

oh, I know about little ones with attitudes. I can't say I know how to stop them but I know about them....