Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shower Demolition

My parents wanted to keep Elizabeth for a couple of days, so while she was gone, Travis & I demoed the master shower. We're in the process of getting a couple of bids for the tile work because even though I can learn, if it's "cheap" enough, I don't want to learn!

We haven't been showering in here because Travis was afraid that the pipes might be leaking in the wall. Well, it was. But the good thing is that the damage is not so bad and he'll be able to fix the rotten boards with few problems (hopefully).


I got to whack out the first few tiles. Yes, that's chicken wire and concrete holding the tile on the wall. There's also a layer of sheet rock behind that nailed to the studs.

Travis did the rest of the demo and I cleaned up all of the debris.

We still have to chip the tile off of the floor and remove some more sheet rock from around the outside of the shower, but we're closer to having new tile in the master bath!


kajahns said...

Good Job, Guys!!! It's looking great! But, I want MORE PICTURES OF ELIZABETH!!!!!!!!!!

PS, You could open the shower up a little bit by making that wall by the toliet a half wall. So, tile the bottom half and make the top half glass or plexiglass. Like at Rich's house, it really makes the space feel bigger. Just a thought!!

kajahns said...

You would have to do the corner too. I will take a picture of rich's shower (upstairs)and send it to you if you are interested. I think it will make a huge improvement.