Thursday, August 6, 2009


Yes, summer is in full swing around here. Since we don't have school to look forward to (for many more years...) our summer isn't winding down quite yet. Elizabeth loves playing in the water. We stripped her down to her diaper and let her play in the sprinkler. She's ok as long as it doesn't spray her a lot in the face.

She also got a small swimming pool for her birthday that has a hippo canopy over it. I didn't have anything but the ole lungs to fill this thing up. Let me tell you, I was light-headed and dizzy after I was finished, but Elizabeth was so excited and clapping and laughing as I was blowing it up that I couldn't stop! Momma didn't want to disappoint! These are pictures of her trying it out in the living room first. I haven't gotten any pictures of her in the pool, yet...I just keep forgetting my camera inside after she's already in.

She sat so pretty for some "pouty" poses.

"Hey, this pool is as big as I am!"

Since this was a one baby pool, we brought our other pool home from my in-laws and Travis blew it up with the air compressor. That pool is big enough for her and I to get in together so there will be no pictures of that when this albino-except-for-her-farmers-tan is in her bathing suit! I just wouldn't do that to you! I will try to get some more pictures of her in it, though!

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soccermom10 said...

I hope Elizabeth and mommy are enjoying the pool!