Monday, August 31, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I see that I have stirred up some inspiration in my family to Menu Plan again!! I do not assign meals to specific days, just because Travis's schedule can change depending on the weather (literally). I also only plan to make three meals a week due to the fact that Elizabeth doesn't eat much and we always have leftovers!

On the Menu this week:
Salisbury Steak, gravy, egg noodles
Sheppard's Pie
Sirloin Steak on the grill, baked potatoes, green beans

I'm not making my crock pot ribs this week, but I've gotten many requests for the recipe, so here it is: (This is my Aunt Monica's recipe. I had these at her house and were so good that I had to make them for ourselves!)

Rack of Baby Back Pork Ribs (Or whatever kind of ribs your family likes) Some racks will be really fatty, I look for the racks that don't have tons of fat on them.

Rub the rack with vegetable oil and season on both sides. There is no right or wrong way to season ribs. Use what your family likes. Travis & I received a Rib and Brisket seasoning blend for our wedding that I use. Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning would work, too. If you don't have something like that here's what I would recommend: seasoning salt (like Lawry's) or , pepper, garlic powder or flakes, and onion powder.

Cut the rack into pieces. I usually cut them between every 2-3 ribs. Put them in the crock pot with a little water. Half of an inch of water will work. Any fat will melt off and add to the liquid. If you're worried you don't have enough water you can add more or, if you're home, you can check it after a couple of hours. Turn your crock pot on and cook on high for 6 hours or high for 8 hours. My crock pot has settings for 4, 6, 8, and 10 hours. 10 hours is way too much! I usually do 6 hours. The meat will fall off the bones and melt in your mouth!

I hope you all enjoy the ribs as much as we do!


Joanne said...

Thank you! Sounds super yummy (although I am a little worried that a whole rack of ribs wouldn't fit in my crock pot)! Do you not use any kind of barbecue sauce or anything on them?

Sara said...

I actually fit 2 racks into my crock pot; my pot would hold over 4 quarts of liquid, though! You can use barbecue sauce if you like when you're eating them, but I don't use any when I'm cooking them. It would be interesting to try, I'm sure it would have good flavor if you added some.

Karen said...

I can't wait to try those ribs! I might need a new crock pot though - mine is a tiny sized one.

kelly said...

Thanks!! I saw this on Karen's blog & we're having them tonight, my mouth is already watering :-)