Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Gorgeous Day

None of these pictures are from today, but today has been a gorgeous day (so far)! There's actually a nice cool breeze outside, it's only 84 degrees, and you don't sweat as soon as you walk out the door! I wish it could stay like this forever...

I washed a few windows Sunday and Monday and Elizabeth just has to help! She climbed up on the chair behind me to get a closer look.

Here she is yesterday helping with a window that she could actually reach.

Ok, where to next, Momma?

Last night, after a bath, she was running around and put an empty plaster of Paris tub on her head. She looked so cute, I had to snap a couple of pictures.

Also last night, Elizabeth grabbed a mason jar out of the cabinet and dropped it. Of course, it shattered into a million pieces and one flew up and cut the back of my leg. Like a true super mom, I grabbed Elizabeth, and a Kleenex, and ran to tell Travis to hurry out of the shower to help. I then put the fear of God into Elizabeth as I told her to stay in her high chair (which she did nicely until we were finished cleaning) all while picking up broken glass, bleeding, and cooking a perfect meal of Chicken Fried Steak. Travis said it was the best I had ever made and that maybe I just needed a distraction while cooking it! Har, har.

My battle wound:

This happens to everyone, right? :)


Kelli said...

Thanks for taking a battle scar for Elizabeth. Sometimes....accidents happen and you did make a great supper. Hope you're cut heals soon!...and way to go, Super Mom!

Kelli said...

ok...that should be "your cut" not "you're cut"!

Lisa Curcio said...

That is so cute!

My kids sometimes get the urge to clean and they use the clorox wipes...except by the time I find them doing it they have already cleaned the floors, the walls, the windows, the toilet, the tables...all with the same wipe. Ewww. They try though & I guess that is what counts :)