Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tagging Along

This morning, Elizabeth & I tagged along with Travis to spray some Bermuda grass plots for work. Elizabeth liked playing in the tall grass...for awhile. I think it irritated her sensitive skin because I noticed lots of little grass cuts on her legs later. We all had a good time getting out of the house and enjoyed being outside. It was perfect weather today for running around in a pasture!

Travis was letting Elizabeth help him adjust the insulators on the electric fence. (Yes, it was off.)

A look at one of the studies. There are four identical studies put out on four different types of Bermuda grass. Cattle had gotten into these plots, so we re-staked them while we were there.

Daddy & Elizabeth. I know the picture is dark, but it's the best one I had where they were both smiling!

Farm girls!

Earlier this week, Travis bought a new toilet for the front bathroom. The green one was broken and could not be fixed. We unwrapped it last night and today, Elizabeth discovered it!

Her whole little body can fit inside of the bowl!

Hopefully, we can get it mounted tomorrow. It takes 3 days for the seal "goop" to set and make a water tight seal, so the faster we get this mounted, the faster we can take our pink toilet off the wall and refinish it! It will also be tons easier to paint in our bathroom while the toilet is out.