Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This past weekend, Travis tilled up our very first garden at our own house! It's not nearly as big as our spring garden and only has 8 rows. We have plans to expand when we want to do Farmers Market again. Here are a few pictures of Travis on the tractor and Elizabeth playing in her new "sand box."

Sunday, while we were at my in-laws', Travis tilled up their garden, too. He and his dad planted four rows of sweet corn. That's a lot for our two families to eat fresh, but I'm certain that if I freeze some, I know a few people who would take it! Wink, wink.

Last night, we planted our garden. We bought 18 tomato and 6 bell pepper transplants from a local feed store. We also planted an entire row of Contender green beans, four hills of zucchini, and four hills of yellow straight-neck squash. We have plans to plant broccoli and spinach, but it's still too early for those; the weather needs to be a bit cooler!

On another note, Happy 100th Post to me! I hope y'all have enjoyed reading my blog as much as I have loved writing!

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