Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Library Toddler Time

This morning, I gathered up every ounce of courage I could find and took Elizabeth to the library for Toddler Time. I was nervous; I didn't know what to expect. Elizabeth has never been in a large group of strange kids before. Well, not strange but unacquainted.

We arrived a few minutes early to return some books and cd's we were finished with and made our way back to the Toddler Time room. There were puzzles and stuffed animals all over the place. Elizabeth was the second tot to arrive and played with a puzzle...then she gave all of the pieces to the other little girl! More kids filled the room and acted like they knew just what to do while Elizabeth walked around trying to play with a few of the other kids. Everyone seemed happy to play by themselves except for Elizabeth. She wanted to play with someone...or at least with someone else's puzzle.

Toddler Time starts with a few songs with hand motions and dancing. Forget the hand motions, Elizabeth just wanted to dance. A story was read and then more dancing. Then one more story and even more dancing. I even got a couple of complements on Elizabeth's smooth moves! At the end of the reading and dancing, there was a little activity. The kids were asked to draw their favorite toy. Elizabeth drew purple and orange scribbles. I'm just glad we color at home so she knew not to draw all over everything in the room.

Toddler Time lasted about 30 minutes and then it was time to go home. I hope Elizabeth had a good time...she seemed to have had a good time. So, next week, I'll gather up all of my courage again and go to the library.


Teresa Andel said...

Good for you!

Karen said...

Sounds like fun! I took the boys to our reading time at the library and it sounds pretty much the same except that mine sat there like lumps while I tried to get them to sing and dance. I only went that once but really should try again. I'm glad that Elizabeth liked it.