Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Silly Girl

I just had to share a couple of cute pictures of Elizabeth. Recently, she has learned how to take her shirt off and now she does it constantly! When she took her shirt off a couple of days ago, she promptly grabbed her little had and put it on. I took a million pictures, but here are a couple of the cuter ones.

I've been bragging to everyone within ear shot about how I just got my very first library card. I am very excited. Now, not only can I check out books for myself, but I can also check out books for Elizabeth. Travis snapped a shot of us reading a story on the couch. She sat through half of the book before she needed to move around. Just too much energy to burn off! I know the picture is a little dark because of the light colored blanket, but I like it anyway.

The library also has toddler story time Wednesday mornings. Maybe I'll try taking her tomorrow. I think she would like it!

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Teresa Andel said...

Yes, she is silly. I don't know what it is about girls and their shirts, but both my girls did the same thing and they still sleep without one on!

I could never get Dustin to sit through a book when he was young but the girls wouldn't let me stop or anyone who would read to them. The girls are both good readers and Dustin struggles. Keep reading to Elizabeth!!!