Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Let me start by saying that I am still not very good at having my camera glued to my hand. So, I must apologize for not having many pictures of Thanksgiving and not having any pictures of the Thanksgivings we had with my families. I promise to try to do better!

Thanksgiving week for us started on the Sunday before. My parents were leaving to visit my sister so would not be at home for actual Turkey Day. My Uncle Keith, Aunt Teresa (who blogs here), and their kids-Dustin, Rachel & Courtney-joined us for dinner. Elizabeth always has lots of fun with her cousins (and Uncle Matt!) and we had a great time visiting.

Thursday, we drove to that other school's town to have Thanksgiving with Travis' dad's side of the family. One of the cousins deep fried a turkey and it was delicious! After filling our bellies, Elizabeth and I sneaked away to one of the bedrooms to take a little nap. We were up early and left before 8 a.m. and Elizabeth was too excited to take a nap on the way there. Boy, was she tired...I would have gotten up when she fell asleep, but I wanted to make sure she stayed warm under the blanket. Aren't I a nice momma?!

As you can see, I wasn't the only one who dozed off for a few minutes!

After our little nap, the girls took Elizabeth to a nearby playground. Elizabeth has started saying "swing, swing" when she wants one of us to swing her around and boy, was she excited about going to swing on the real thing. Too bad, because when we got to the playground, they had three different slides and no swings!! Oops! Elizabeth had fun on the slides. I guess I did, too!

Okay, maybe she was just a little scared in this one. She was going down all by herself!

Friday evening, we had Thanksgiving with Travis' mom's side of the family. After supper, Pictionary was the game of choice. I think Elizabeth went and tried out every lap around that table! Aunt Donna let her color on some paper and Elizabeth declared that lap the winner!!

Saturday, we were back to my home turf to visit with some of my cousins who were home for the holiday and the Texas A&M game. Elizabeth had a fun time playing with more cousins and snuggling up with Megan.

Saturday night, my Great Aunt Ann, her daughters-Karen & Joanne, and I hosted a surprise 40th birthday party for their sister Lisa. Seeing as how Lisa's birthday isn't until Christmas Eve, she didn't expect a thing! Everyone had a great time.

Here's Elizabeth & Travis waiting for the guest of honor to arrive.

Waiting for Lisa to turn in the driveway.

Sunday, for dinner, we had our last Thanksgiving. Travis, Elizabeth, Matt & I drove into town to eat with Grandma & Grandpa S and Grandma's sister, Arlene. We had a very nice time visiting without the hustle and bustle of the entire family. Not that I don't like when we're all together...I just liked having my grandparents to myself for a couple of hours!! Selfish, I know. But, I just can't help it!

We returned home (Down South) Sunday evening where we promptly grazed on leftovers that we had brought with us. It was a relaxing end to a very busy-but enjoyable-Thanksgiving week. We're going to need a couple of weeks to recover before Christmas!

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