Monday, July 5, 2010

Two Years

Uncle Rich,

It’s been two short years since you’ve been gone. The time has flown and time has begun to heal the wounds losing you has left. I still think of you often, praying that you’re still flying, keeping watch over us all.

Elizabeth keeps the blanket you gave her on her bed. I’m glad she had a chance to meet you. At the same time, I’m sad she’ll never know you.

Kate has been doing a fantastic job of handling your affairs. You left her a big job to do and she’s doing great.

Matt wears your Aggie Ring. They inscribed his name just under yours.

We all have our little ways of keeping your memory alive. And, even though we all have to get on with our lives, know that we will never forget you and we will never stop loving you.

With all my love,


Joanne said...

I still think of him often, too, and love that Matt has his ring. What a special gift! In some ways it seems like it happened so long ago. We love you, Richie!

Karen said...

I didn't know that Matt was wearing his ring. That is so cool.

Joanne said...

You should see it, Karen. His name is engraved right under Rich's. Very cool.