Thursday, April 16, 2009

Almost 1

Elizabeth turns one on Sunday and we're planning a small family get-together for that afternoon. This week, I've been trying to get ready for the big day. Menu planning, grocery shopping, cleaning...the week has flown by and I at least feel like I'm making progress. I'll start on some of the food prep tonight. I don't want to be stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is partying!!

Besides getting ready for the party, life has been just plain busy...I know everyone's is. We haven't done much more painting since Travis has been out of town all week and I've been trying to keep up with everything. The garden looks good. I haven't taken many pictures lately, but we've put up strings on the tomatoes to keep them up off of the ground, we've been continually picking poppies so they don't blow over into the ground, we've got little potatoes forming (they're about the size of golf balls right now), greens are picked every few days, lettuce gets picked once a week or so, and what's left of the peas since the deer ate kept eating them need to be picked again, too. We have green beans 2-3" tall coming out of the ground, some of the okra has sprouted and more will be planted soon. We've also planted half a row or so of "Roma" beans. They're basically the same thing as a regular green bean, they're just flat. You cook them the same way. We've got 24 "hills" of different types of squash & zucchini planted and the seedlings are about 1" tall. Watermelon, cantelope, cucumber, and pumpkin all still need to be planted. I'm going to try to get to that this coming week.

Keeping up with the garden keeps me plenty busy and sometimes until late, so I've been a little sporatic with my posting. Now that I have a dedicated office set up, it'll be much easier to do better.

Yesterday, Elizabeth & I were outside walking to move the sprinkler on the pecan trees when we noticed this little guy:

I hope he turns into a beautiful butterfly. (I think it's a caterpillar...)

Today, I took out Elizabeth's infant car seat and put her new one in. I know they recommend 2 years facing backwards, but it's not a law and I feel bad that she's always looking at the seat when we're in the car. She's still too little to see out of the window, but she can at least see inside of the car and us now!

Time has flown! She's not quite walking, yet, but it won't be too much longer! She's such a little rat, but I wouldn't trade her! :)


Karen said...

Wow! She looks like such a big girl in her new seat.

Joanne said...

She does! And, do I seem to recognize that shirt?! I'm so glad that she can start wearing some of our old clothes! We found another rubbermaid box in the garage (there are 2 at my mom's house for you)!

I can't believe that she's already 1. It seems like she should be a tiny little baby forever!!!

soccermom10 said...

I agree that she looks like a todler in her new seat! Yeah Elizabeth!!! Happy Birthday to you....