Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rising River & Burning Brush

We didn't get tons of rain like some places North or West of us. We received roughly 9/10 of an inch. However, other places up the Guadalupe River received closer to 8" of rain. That means that the Guadalupe came over its banks by at least 8 feet! We drove around town and down some of the roads that Travis knew were in low-lying areas. We even drove through Riverside Park and took a couple of pictures.

They finally lifted our burn ban (even if it's most likely only for a couple of days or maybe weeks). There wasn't much wind this evening, so Travis took advantage of it and burned the three big brush piles we have in our back yard from all of the tree trimming. We still have a lot more to burn, but most of it is still lying around the back yard and has not been put into piles, yet. The fire was huge, but it burned quickly and within a few short hours, the fires were out and Travis was back inside. Elizabeth & I went outside to check it out for a little while before bath time.

Elizabeth loves helping me unload the dishwasher. It's just too bad she also loves sticking everything in her mouth. I guess for quality control! There are always a few things that get to go back in the dishwasher for round 2!

Right now, Elizabeth loves sitting on the couch with me. She'll crawl around everywhere on the cushions and stands up to look out of the window. We keep Llama the lamb on the couch and she just looked so cute playing with her that I had to take a picture. Yes, she is in her diaper. It's right before bath time, so she was cooling off from being outside.


On another note, the cute little worm I thought was a caterpillar turns out to be an evil tomato eating worm. Travis's dad & I killed two of them while we were in the garden today. (Okay, he killed them. I almost accidentally touched one of them and got really grossed out. I'm not a big fan of bugs. Blick.) So, I hope this evil worm does not turn into a butterfly, but instead eats a poisonous plant and croaks. Sorry, but I have 200 tomato plants and I don't really want to lose them to a worm. We had to spray all of the tomatoes with Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) to keep the worms off. Keep your fingers crossed that it works!

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