Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Second Coat

We're almost finished with the second coat of paint on all of the trim in the bedrooms! Thanks to Travis and his dad, we only have a little bit of trim to paint in the master bath. Tonight, Travis & I went around all of the bedrooms for what will hopefully be one last time filling holes and cracks that we missed or that just need to be re-done. We also caulked any of the baseboards that needed it; mostly in the closets because at first we didn't think we needed to do it in there. However, it looks tons better since we did. I'll be much happier with it now. Tomorrow, I'll finish the last of the trim and start painting the closets white.

Travis is also getting ready to put up our antenna pole. Hope it won't be too windy!

Elizabeth hasn't been doing just too many cute things. She does like to mimic daddy's noises, which is funny. She's not walking yet, I don't even know if she's getting close, but she's getting really heavy to carry around, so I hope walking is in her near future. I'll have to check her horoscope! :)

I hope everyone has a good week!

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