Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Our big girl turned 1!! (Yesterday...but last night, it was too late to post.) We started the day off with church and then a run to Target to get her present. Travis wanted to get her a xylophone and she loves it. I didn't even wrap it because before I could, she had gotten it out of the bag and was playing with it! At Target, I also needed a gallon of milk for her, and on the way to the grocery section, Travis saw these humongous boucing balls and said that we had to get her one! He isn't one for impulse buying, so the fact that he wanted to get it for her was a little funny. She loves that big thing! It's so cute watching her try to play with it on the living room floor, because mostly it rolls away from her before she can get ahold of it.

We set up a table for her cake. These are the pillar candle holders that were used on my cake table at the wedding that I just filled with legustrum sprigs and Texas Mountain Laurel branches. They turned out pretty for just using what was in our yard.
The ladybug cake for our little ladybug!

The ladybug is sitting in some grass among the flowers. They're either teeny tiny flowers, or I made a giant ladybug! The cake plate comes off of the base and you can wind the base up and it plays the Happy Birthday song as it spins around. It's really neat!

Her birthday loot. She also can't get enough of balloons! She'll laugh forever once you get her swating at them.

Singing happy birthday to our sweet girl.

Playing with Lori and the little ball that Uncle James gave her. It has all of the Disney ferries on it. He's very in tune with what his little God-daughter would like. (Haha! I do believe someone went shopping for him! Same with Uncle Matt...he got her some cute clothes and little tennis shoes, but I bet he hadn't even seen them, yet!!)

It's just not a party, though, if your refrigerator doesn't quit working! Travis & James pulled out the fridge and figured out what was wrong with it. Luckily, it was the "first" thing and not the "second". The "first" was a broken part that could be replaced fairly cheaply. The "second" was an expensive part which means buying a new refrigerator, because it cost almost as much as a new one!

Here's Mom, Travis's dad, Lori & Stephen playing with Elizabeth. Teaching her to climb up onto the coffee table. Thanks! :) Things I'll have to undo later!! Luckily, she can't quite do it by herself, so maybe she'll just forget about it...

Elizabeth had a really nice birthday party thanks to everyone who showed up and gave gifts! Now if I could only convince her to start walking!


Joanne said...

What a sweetie! Happy birthday, Elizabeth!

soccermom10 said...

Sounds like it was a fun dayfor a 1year old! I hope she enjoyed her cute CAKE!.....