Thursday, April 2, 2009

Catching Up...

More like trying to keep up! After our hurried move into the new house, it took us a week and a half to clean everything and get rid of the skunk smell. Since the skunk incident happened, we had to put re-painting the bedrooms on hold until everything was cleaned. I just started painting again last Friday. All of the trim in the bedrooms has one coat of paint and I just started the second coat last night. I think the second coat should go much faster. Then there's still the walls to paint, but that'll be nothing compared to all of the trim!!

Until the bedrooms are finished, we're all living in the living rooms. Lori & I set up Elizabeth's crib over spring break and Elizabeth was so excited to see it that she played inside of the "walls" while we screwed it all together. Funny. She must have been really excited, because once we had it all together and the mattress in, she wanted to get in and actually took a nap! I can't blame her...the play pen did look like it was getting a little cramped.

I've still got 'skunk washing' to do. Mainly sheets I'm not using, clothes we've outgrown, maternity clothes, and good-will stack. Oh, and our couch still smells. Travis has been gone a lot and I can't move it out by myself, so it's having to air out in the laundry room. This could take awhile.

We don't have internet here at the house either. I'm on Travis's work computer which is sometimes pretty darn slow because it's a Cingular wireless card that doesn't always get good service in the house. So I don't dare try to upload a picture! I do have lots of pictures, but will have to post them later. I stray from the subject. The internet guy came by Tuesday the 24th and said that we will need a really tall pole to get over all of the stinkin' trees to get a clear shot to the tower. I'm all for cutting down a tree, but Travis, mmm, not so much. But then again, as he says, I come from the land of no trees. So we suspended our service, which they don't normally do, and they will only do that for two weeks before they drop our service. If you think about it a second, that means that by this Tuesday, we need to have a pole up and ready for the guy to put the dish thingie up. Do you think that's happened. No, that's right.

I've also been working in the garden when I can. Recently, I've planted (with help!) the pepper transplants, and have seeded contender green beans, okra, zucchini, & squash. Travis & I planted some more corn and we've gotten a much better stand this time. There's too much bark in the mulch we brought in, so things aren't coming up as well as we'd like.

As I mentioned, Travis has been gone on a lot of day trips lately. It's starting to be his busy time with putting out studies and spraying weeds. It's never a good time to have a skunk spray under your house, but this skunk couldn't have picked a worse time! We're finally seeing some normalcy...mainly just because crazy busy is our normal!

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