Sunday, June 7, 2009

All About Elizabeth

I realize that I haven't had a post dedicated to Elizabeth in awhile. She is doing great! She just cut another tooth last Wednesday and is now drinking out of a straw like a big girl. She's not walking yet, but I think she's getting closer.

She's very entertaining and a very happy little girl. She's now into transferring and rearranging things. So instead of her emptying out the diaper bag, all of the contents are just moved around and if I look hard enough, I can find them somewhere else in the bag.

Elizabeth loves being outside! She is fearless when it comes to crawling outside over any terrain. Grass, rocks, doesn't matter! She really likes it in the garden. She'll sit an eat grape tomatoes off of the vine or an apple off of the tree and be perfectly happy!

Here are some pictures of our growing girl.

Travis got an order in of some pitchers and cylinders. Elizabeth thought it was much better for a hat!

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