Sunday, June 14, 2009

Farmers Market

We had another record-breaking day at FM yesterday. I was surprised at the total because it actually felt like a really, really slow day. There were nine vendors, the most that's ever been there on a Saturday this year. I brought the vegetable stand with me this time, and had a really cute setup...of course, I forgot to take pictures! So here are a few pictures of how the garden looks now. It's not so neat and cute any more! It looks like an overgrown jungle.

Looking at the garden from the new part back to the old part.
Cushaw, just a couple of days old. It is now huge and overgrown. The plants completely shaded our my row of dill!

Giant Marconi Bell Peppers.

Fat 'n Sassy Bell Peppers.

Sugar Snack Grape Tomatoes.

One of two squash patches. Never, ever plant squash like this!! It is hard to pick squash when the plants are so close together. When I planted them, they were so cute and small and it looked like we were wasting so much space in between plants. Each plant is now at least 2.5-3 feet wide!

Mucho Nacho Jalapenos.

I'm standing in our sweet corn patch. It's now putting on ears, so Travis is keeping it sprayed for worms! Next to the corn are watermelons, and then our second squash patch.

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kajahns said...

I planted sugar snap grape tomatoes, too! mine are really tiny still. the book bin lady planted them as seeds and gave a couple to me when they were about 2inches tall.