Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Monday afternoon, while I was finishing up picking the garden for FM, Elizabeth went swimming for the first time! We didn't put much water in the bottom of the pool since we didn't know how she would like it. (She was skeptical at first.) Turns out, it was pretty fun for her and she stayed in there for quite awhile! I don't think Grandpa minds watching and playing with her, either!!

Yesterday, she went swimming again, but this time with a little more water. She didn't want anything to do with it at first, but then warmed up to it and had a fun time. I think there will be more swimming in her future. (And if I get over my body-image issues, I may go swimming, too!)


Joanne said...

Those pool pictures are so adorable! She looks like she LOVES dumping the water!

soccermom10 said...

Be brave Sara go ahead and get in there with her next time! lol