Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farmers Market

A couple of FMs have passed and they have been great! I never seem to make it out to take pictures before market opens anymore due to all of the people waiting for produce! I have been using the stand that Stephen made me. I even had to raid Sam's Club for all of the empty flats I could find!

Things at the garden (and at home for that matter) have been crazy busy. I can't even keep up with it all. However, it is getting so hot and so dry that the garden may only last a couple more weeks. We do have drip irrigation on the entire garden, but it's just not the same as some good rain. It has gotten hot enough for the Okra to really start producing, and that's a precious commodity at FM. Everyone comes around looking for Okra! Another thing that seems to really like the heat are the peppers. I have tons of small peppers putting on, so I should have a nice picking for Saturday. We should also have some sweet corn ready for selling Saturday. Lots of people have been asking for that, too.

I think we'll have a couple more good weeks of the garden before it'll start winding down. Just in time for it to get really, really hot!!

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