Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Farmers Market

Today was another market day. We had large and grape tomatoes and squash. We were all sold out by noon! Lori was able to come out again this morning and help with Elizabeth since Travis is out of town.

Granny Judy and Papa Ken stopped by our house on Sunday on their way home and gave Elizabeth a cute new outfit that she wore to Market today. She was just a cutie!

After we got home this afternoon, I washed her up and changed her clothes and put her in bed for a nap. When I went to check on her a little later, this is what I found! Silly goose! But she loves that caterpillar!

I'll have Travis take pictures of Market on Saturday. Elizabeth and I have a wedding shower to attend!


kajahns said...

Hey, Tell Travis that he needs to take pics of the other tables too so we can scope out the competition! Everything looks great! Where is Stephen's Table?!?!?

Sara said...

I will. Stephen's table is being primed and painted before we use it again. I sure wish I had it, though...it makes everything look so good!