Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cooking Supper; New Master Sink

Last night, our steak meal turned into stir-fry! We still ate the steak, I just sliced it really thin and used it instead of round steak or chicken. It was so good! Travis snapped a couple of pictures of Elizabeth helping me cook.

In remodeling news, this was our vanity in the master bath. This morning (before Travis left for Weslaco), we took it out! We have people coming to fix the drywall next week and Travis will be gone for the rest of this week and possibly working this weekend, so today was the day.

There was a mouse skeleton under the vanity. Blick! It was quickly vacuumed up...with the shop vac! No skeletons in my vacuum!

In order to check that the plumbing was all at the right height, we unpacked our new pedestal sink and stood it up in the room. It'll look good, don't you think? By the grace of God, we don't have to do any major plumbing work for the sink to fit!! Yea! I couldn't believe it, either. It seems like everything needs to be fixed once you tear into it. This was a nice surprise.

After Travis left, I ripped out the ugly vinyl flooring you see in the picture. I'm now in the process of scraping off all of the glue that was left behind. Not too bad of a job since I found out that soaking a towel with water and letting it soften the glue for awhile makes easy work of scraping it up! Finding ways to make a job easier always makes remodeling more fun.


kajahns said...

Aww she is too cute!! The sink looks good. I hope you got all of the adhesive off the floor!

Kelli said...

Elizabeth is getting so BIG! We miss all of you. The sink looks great. You're really going to enjoy the extra space too!

soccermom10 said...

YUCK! You used the words remodeling and fun in the same sentence!