Friday, October 16, 2009

Good Afternoon, Director

Last night, I was voted in as a Director for Our County Czech Heritage Society. (To give the county name would give away where I live and I don't want creepy people to know where we live!) It actually happened while I had stepped out of the building to take a call. Hmm, I wonder if they planned that! No, no, Travis and I had been approached before the meeting and were asked if either of us was interested in the position. I have been wanting to get more involved in the Society and this was a perfect opportunity. It's just too bad that I never even found out who was weaseled into nominating me. Haha.

I never even thought about taking a picture of Elizabeth at the meeting, either. Bad mommy, she was so cute! Of course, everyone loved her so even if the meeting did run ridiculously long, she was entertained the entire time. Ok, Miss Thang just woke up from a time!