Friday, January 22, 2010

Better Than Shoes

I love boots. There's nothing I'd rather wear. I've had the same pair of work boots and same pair of "good boots" for close to four years. (Yes, I know that's nothing compared to your daddy - or mine - who's had the same pair of boots since you were born.) Still, a long time to go without a new addition to the collection.

Well, I had been itching for a new pair of boots for a little while and finally found the pair that I wanted. (They're the ones in the box.) I sweetly convinced Travis that I had to have these boots. ASAP. I had just bought a dress for a wedding shower I'm co-hosting and wanted to wear them. (We'll see if anyone vetoes that later...)

I had Cavender's order the boots early this week. They came in today. I had no idea they'd be in so fast. So, I loaded up Elizabeth and told her that we were going to town. "Shoes? Shoes? Shoes?" she replied. "No, baby. Better than shoes. Boots!"

A peek inside the box reveals...

Cherry red boots! Cherry red stove pipe with distressed saddle boots to be exact. Oh, they look so good.

They are gorgeous. The kind of boots that make you want to wear a blue jeans skirt around the house just to show them off!

So, my work boots are still work boots, but my "good boots" are now my everyday boots and the new boots are my going out boots! Catch all that?

I love all of the different toes. Round. Square. Wide Square.

I love the tube stitching.

I love the toe stitching. Oh, and that gorgeous color.

I just love everything about them. They're better than shoes.

One day, Elizabeth will realize that, too!

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soccermom10 said...

They are gorgeous!!!!!