Thursday, January 14, 2010

Master Bath Remodel

The Master Bathroom is finally complete! It has felt like it's taken us forever to finish, but we are so happy with the way the room turned out! We're even more excited to be able to use that room now (not to mention, I have my closet back!).

Here are a couple of before pictures:

Ugh, not inviting at all!

And here are the after photos: The wall color is Chocolate Sprinkle...I promise that it's not Maroon. I'm an Aggie and all, but I couldn't live with a Maroon room!

Travis made the medicine cabinet door, and I drew the design on the glass and etched it. We didn't want to have a solid slab of door, but also didn't want to be able to clearly see our toiletries. I'm happy with the way the glass turned out.

We're still in the "honeymoon" phase with this bathroom. I know that sounds weird, but I'm still getting little flutters when I shower or even walk into that room. I love it! It's my favorite room in the house right now and until the kitchen gets it's makeover, it might stay that way.


Teresa Andel said...

Great job!!! It looks very nice. You should be proud.

Karen said...

The shower looks awesome. You guys did a great job!

Sara said...