Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting Ready

It's that time of year again...time to get ready for our Spring Garden. Although we won't be participating at Farmers Market this year (so we can stay a little more focused on the remodel), we still want to have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for ourselves.

Last week, I planted seed for transplants. Mom and Dad gave me two Burpee trays that act as their own little greenhouse, so I used those first. There is a small pellet of compacted soil in the bottom of each cell.

When warm water is poured over the top, they expand, filling the cell with soil.

It takes a gentle mashing to break apart the expanded pellet. You then plant your seeds in the cells. (I forgot to take a picture of that step!)

Be sure to mark your trays! I started Dianthus and Verigated Chili Petin seed in this tray. Both are ornamental plants for our front flower beds.

After the seed is sowed, put the lid on! Viola, all finished!

Well, sort of finished! I also started a few tomato and pepper varieties I had here at home that we wanted to use again. I've got more seed ordered and it should be in early next week. I've been working on writing up our tomato demonstration from 2009. This year, we've decided to do a bell pepper demonstration. Should be exciting!

Elizabeth wanted to help after she woke up from her nap, so I let her. I had more trays that needed to be watered in and she was itching to use the watering can. She actually did pretty well and didn't completely soak herself until the last can full.

Going back for more...

She even leaves the beanie on! So, even though her little hands were freezing by the time we went in, her head was nice and warm!

Here's a bonus photo of Elizabeth that I just thought was cute. She went into her room to play and came out wearing one of her new jackets and her camo cap! Too cute not to share!

How are you getting ready for spring?

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Kelli said...

That little Elizabeth is too darn cute! We miss you all!