Friday, January 29, 2010

Visiting Nana & Grandpa

At the beginning of the week, Elizabeth and I went to visit my parents. We had a fun visit and got to see some family I didn't think we'd see!

Nana taught Elizabeth how to play Patty-cake. Here they're patting...

And rolling...

Throw it in the pan!

Oh, that was fun! Again, again!

Monday night was kids eat free night at Roadhouse. There was a "Balloon Lady" there who made Elizabeth a pretty butterfly.

Tuesday was all about playing with the train.

Before we left to head back South, we stopped to see Grandpa one last time...and we brought him some dinner!


Elizabeth wanted to climb up into the cab. I had to stop her from punching all of the "bu-ons" (buttons). She seemed to really like it...just like her Momma! Maybe Grandpa will take her for a ride next time.

She's just so tiny next to this big 'ole thing!

We had a very nice visit! See you soon!

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Karen said...

Her hair is looking long all of the sudden!