Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Toddler Time

This morning, Elizabeth & I got back into our Wednesday morning routine of going to Toddler time at the Library. She had a really good time today. There were more kids closer to her age group and fewer "older" kids, which I kinda liked.

Last night, before I went to bed, I built Elizabeth a castle out of her blocks so she'd have something fun to wake up to. She loved it! I loved the look on her face. Priceless! She had so much fun knocking it down. I was just glad it didn't fall while I was sleeping and scare the daylights out of me! This may become a regular treat if she continues to be a good girl at nap and bed time.

Here's a picture of the kids listening to the story. Today, they didn't sit still much. Almost all of the kids were up and about, playing as they listened.

Oops, I forgot to rotate this picture! Here's Elizabeth dancing to one of the songs they played. She'd much rather free-style than do anything with "moves"! Oh, well, she's got plenty of moves of her own!

Today's stories were about ducks, so the craft today was to make a duck out of a paper plate. I thought it was such a neat craft. I need to find more of these types of things to do with her. I have so much craft stuff that Kate & I accumulated over the years. She and I had a good time making the duck together. She would even "quack" with me when I asked her what sound a duck made. Too cute, she's really growing up!

Toddler Time was much more enjoyable for her and I both today. There were fewer kids and more in her age group. All of the kids were super nice today and I'm even starting to talk to more of the other "moms" there. I say mom in quotes because some are nannies and some are grandmothers... So, to hold us over until next Wednesday, we checked out a few books and we're having a good time reading!


Kelli said...

The duck is so cute! I'm glad you're spending time with Elizabeth at the library. The Family Fun magazine is a good resource for fun crafts too. You also might want to check out the website (I've been there a few times for craft and game ideas for CCD.) Thanks for sharing the pics too!

Karen said...

I like to make crafts with the boys sometimes and I just look on the internet for whatever I want. I can usually find something. I think sometimes I'm more into the crafts than they are though. They'd rather just be let loose with paint and paper!!

soccermom10 said...

I'm glad you guys are out making new friends...