Saturday, May 9, 2009

Boo Radley's Kittens

My in-laws cat, Boo Radley, had kittens last weekend while we were away in Austin at a wedding. I finally got back to the very back of the shop to take a couple of pictures of the seven cute kittens.

We didn't pick any up...Boo might not have liked that. While she is a fairly laid back kitten, (and obviously a little bit of a tramp...where is the baby daddy?) you never know how they're going to react when you play with their new babies. So maybe in a few weeks, I can get some pictures of Elizabeth with the kittens.

Elizabeth likes looking out of the window, so when she's being really quiet, I know the first place to look. This is what I find:

Just legs! Our street stays fairly busy with traffic, so I guess she likes looking at the passing cars. There have been some guys working across the street puting in new drain pipes, but they're the kind you avoid eye contact with. They're not cute construction workers, so I don't know what she's looking at!


Kelli said...

Elizabeth's just tooo cute! Can't wait to see all of you Monday evening!

Joanne said...

Look at her little grin! She's too cute for words!