Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kate's Trip Home & Matt's Birthday

Ok, so it wasn't only Kate's trip home...she brought Nick, too! They came home for Jacob & Lacy's wedding. It was a really nice, small wedding and it was over really early. We were home by 9:15 p.m.! We all got to see some of our friends from back home and hang out for a little while. Elizabeth was pretty good although I did have to take her out of church once for hitting me. I'm not looking forward to this phase! I was even able to get her to sleep for a couple of hours at the dance! Lucky me!

Then Sunday was Matt's 21st birthday! Wow, we're all really, really legal adults! Our grandparents on my Mom's side came over for lunch and a visit. It only lasted a few hours, though, because we all had to be on the road by 2 p.m. We had a garden to pick and Kate & Nick had a flight to catch in Austin.

Here are Kate and Nick and his first ever Big Red Ice Cream Float...he's been deprived!

And here's Travis with his cute little float:

And Matt with his signature deer-in-the-headlights pose:

And Matt blowing out his birthday candles!

If you are wondering where sweet baby girl is, she's upstairs taking a nap! But for good measure, here's a picture of her in her new lawn chair that I bought her yesterday at HEB. It's a little flimsy and she's already fallen over trying to get in it, but she'll get better...and I'll move it a little farther away from the hard places, too!

It was a great weekend...Happy Birthday, Matt!


Joanne said...

I can't believe that you're all over 21 now! I feel older and older...Happy birthday to Matt!

Did Nick enjoy his big red float? We might turn him into a southern boy after all!

Sara said...

Yes, he did! Too bad it's so hard to find Big Red and Blue Bell in NJ!

kajahns said...

I just ordered 24 cans of Big Red online and they are being shipped to us via UPS! It was expensive but, I want everyone else to try it too! Now if we could only get blue bell and Mrs Bairds up here!

Sara said...

First of all...woah, Kate, this is the first time you've commented! I'm touched! :) You know, I could have compared prices down here and had some BR shipped to you...it may have been cheaper. But at least you're getting it. You just have to save it for special occasions!!

I'd ship you a loaf of bread, but if the baggers don't squish it, the delivery people will!

Joanne said...

The bread you can do without. Living in a place with no Blue Bell is torture!!! So glad to be back in Texas!